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Do you ever wonder why your toddler does what he or she does?  

Have you ever thought: "I wish someone would tell me how to interact with my toddler with more purpose and harmony?"


Well the good news is you are not alone and that's why we have developed this series of recordings for you.


You'll discover loads of tips to help spend the time with your toddler more calmly, harmoniously and so that you both enjoy it and have fun.

  • Video 1 Your Toddler and sleep
  • Video 2 Toilet training
  • Video 3 Toddler and behaviour
  • Video 4 Talking with your toddler
  • Video 5 Toddlers and food

Bonus: Toddlers and new baby


Price: $77.00


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1800 880 993

Redland Bay, Brisbane, QLD Australia