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Emily is doing so well. I put her in her cot again tonight awake and calm and she put herself to sleep in 6 minutes. She's really taken to it and made life easy and so enjoyable. She was giggling this afternoon too. Explaining her fussing and noises before she sleeps has made such a difference. I know so much more and how to help her now. On the routine she is feeding and sleeping so well. Lets hope she keeps this up.

Thanks for your help. You've changed our days so much.

Sarah & Emily Scott, Brisbane May 2013





Just want to drop in and say a big "thank you" for your help with little Maxwell. he is now has more rest during the day and sleep longer during the night :) after reading so many books and online articles, for you to come and let me know what to look for his body language, has helping me understand it much more. And also let me know that allowing your children to express their frustration and anger whilst still supporting them – physically and emotionally – is completely different then just let them crying like no tomorrow. Now I have a super happy bub and yes restful self too :)

Szuting Mc Callum, Bardon, Qld





Just wanted to let you know how things are going; Samuel now wakes around 5 ish, is up for about 2 & 1/2 hours and then has a sleep for an hour or an hour and a half. He then stays up until lunch time and is quite happy playing etc, has lunch and then a sleep of about 1.5 to 2 hours, he has dinner at 5ish and is in bed at 6 and sleeps through the night until about 5am. He self settles and is happy in his cot now when I walk out of the room. Of course we still have days when he does the 40 min cat nap and we also have days when he sleeps for 2 hours in the morning and 3 in the afternoon so all in all it balances out. I especially like that I am getting a full night’s sleep instead of having to get up several times to breastfeed. Samuel now has about 3-4 feeds a day.

I really want to thank you for all of your help, advice and support, especially with Samuel, I really appreciate it and it has made our lives so much easier. I should have called you sooner rather than putting it off.

Warm regards


Tracey, Sam, Tom, Capalaba, Qld





Leisa came to our rescue when our beautiful son Harrison was born 5 weeks premature. When Harrison first came home from Special Care we were having considerable difficulties with breastfeeding. We had been giving Harrison expressed breast milk via bottles and in the early days though a nasogastric tube. With Leisa’s calm, supportive and highly informed advice we were able to successfully transition to breast feeding and continued breast feeding for 12 months.

So when our second baby, our sweet little boy Samuel was born just 22 months later it was Leisa that we rang straight away for some extra help and support. Every baby is different and the personalised advice Leisa provided through her home visits was priceless! Not only did Leisa guide us towards successful breast feeding but she gave us some great tips and resources to help settle Samuel and establish his sleeping patterns.

I was able to call and email Leisa after both consultation sessions and she always offered great suggestions, educated and professional advice and kind words of encouragement.

Leisa your support, the resources you provided and your warm and generous manner have helped us beyond words! At times I had thought I would not be able to master breastfeeding but with your help both our boys have been successfully breastfeed  Yay! Thanks Leisa for always offering advice that is practical, realistic and informative!

Thanks again!

Catherine Nixon, Mt Cotton, Qld



Sophie’s feeding and sleep success


Sophie is a delightful 9 week old baby. First child for mum and dad. Sophie loves to feed from mum’s breast non-stop. Sophie has had catnaps all her life, usually in mum’s arms and at the breast. Overnight Sophie sleeps with Mum, and Dad is sometimes present, but increasingly going to the spare room to sleep. Feeding takes about 1 and a half hours each time. Overnight, Sophie feeds every 2 hours.


Mum and Dad are two intelligent, educated, widely read and loving parents. Their idea of parenting is a very natural existence. Their beliefs consist of demand breastfeeding, sleeping in arms, co-sleeping and spending time with Sophie so that their family had strong bonds and attachment. They decided to include Sophie in all their activities so that she was an addition to the family and not a catalyst to change their lifestyle.


By the time Sophie’s Mum called me, Mum was exhausted and really confused with what Sophie really needed. Mum was giving her what she thought she needed but Sophie wasn’t happy very often, cried often and needed to be with mum constantly, even Dad couldn’t console her. Sophie, Mum and Dad were all exhausted which meant decision making was even harder.


My first visit was focussed on helping Sophie feed well and stay on track with feeding so that feeding time shortened. We started to teach her a difference between feeding and sleeping to make it easier for mum to give her what she needed. We also looked at Sophie’s cues for feeding and sleeping which were blurred because for Sophie it had always been the same thing. Her cues were not obvious at this first visit because everything was all rolled into one.


Our first goal was to manage the feeding so that the time was shorter and the time between feeding was a little longer. This took about 3 days to get reasonable progress. Sophie was still sleeping in arms or using a pouch often. We continued on with phone and text support and within 7 days Sophie was taking 40 minutes with feeds and stretching to 3 hours at times. We also worked on ways for Mum and Dad to cope with things as they managed these changes.


We then started to address sleep cues with Sophie. She was so overtired and had been for many weeks. It took another 7 days to work on seeing early tired signs while at the same time helping her with sleep so she wasn’t feeling so wretched from lack of sleep. I had a second consult at 2 and a half weeks after the first and we really looked at her cues and worked on strategies to help settle her and for mum to cope.


Five days after the second consult, Sophie is now waking only once at night for a feed and self settling back to sleep, feeding within 30 minutes, and is starting to self settle for more sleeps.


Mum is feeling fantastic, Dad is happy and back in bed with Mum. Sophie still comes into bed with Mum and Dad at times. While it is not perfect, Mum is realising that her expectations may have been a little unrealistic with what life with a new baby would be like.


So while Mum is doing things differently to her ideal of what she thought she would like to be doing as a parent, she is much happier and can now get good rest for herself and read Sophie’s cues more easily. In the absence of having extended family to help out, this has enabled this family to enjoy their new baby. Sophie gets all her needs met and is a happier baby as a result.


Mum and Dad continue to utilize the values and practices that are important to them while at the same time balancing them with some simple guidelines we have put in place. This means meeting everyone’s needs so the family is happy.


With patience, perseverance, and the right advice things can improve.


Emily’s new rythmn


10 week old Emily was feeding a bit all over the place and sleeping on and off. In the early weeks things were going really well and over the last few weeks, sleep was getting more scarce and stressful. Mum was even starting to dread it. No-one was getting to bed before 11 pm. With a few tweaks and some help, she is now sleeping regularly in the day, going to bed easily without fuss and settling earlier in the evening. Her parents can now eat dinner together, enjoy it and finish before dinner gets cold. All this happened after only 3 days of tweaking.


Matty’s improved sleep habits

Matty was 8 months of age. Mum was exhausted and dreading sleep times. Sleep involved being breastfed and then rocked on Mum’s knee and then Mum sitting with her there for 2-3 hours until she woke up. At night, Matty would wake frequently and Mum would bring her into bed to feed and to cuddle so that she could at least get some sleep.


Mum was needing to change Matty’s sleep habits because they were no longer working for her. Matty was tired all the time, so was Mum and the rest of the family were too. Mum was nervous about the changes because she hated hearing Matty cry.


We changed things up gently for day sleep. First we separated feeding and sleep, then we introduced the cot as a safe and nice place to be. Next we slowly taught Matty how to self settle in the cot.


After my first visit Matty was asleep in her cot all night after a little bit of help to settle in the early evening. Mum was over the moon the next morning.


After 4 days, Mattie was easily going into her cot for sleeps during the day. Mum was really pleased that she took the plunge even though she was nervous about making any changes. Now sleep is something that isn’t associated with dread because Mum and Matty each know what to do now that we have created new habits for sleep.


Matty is happier, and Mum is happier too. Mum is enrolling in University next year , something she thought she wouldn’t be able to do for at least 2 more years.


More real life comments:

”Simple, straight forward, non threatening and non judgmental. Very worthwhile.”

” Leisa has been so helpful. Her knowledge is extensive and she communicates this well. Our bub is doing better already.”

”Leisa was an amazing help – will recommend to everyone I know.”

” Leisa offered really practical tips in the context of our family’s structure. Very helpful”.

” Excellent advice given sensitively and professionally, will use again and have already recommended to others”


1800 880 993

Redland Bay, Brisbane, QLD Australia