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Redland Bay,

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Hi, I'm Leisa


I help you enjoy your baby and keep your sanity and sense of YOU.  


I know that with the right support all babies and parents can thrive! As demanding as babies can be, you can look after yourself as well. To do your best and be your best you need to look after yourself first. Looking after you includes getting enough sleep! When you have a new baby sleep can be difficult - for both of you (and the rest of the family!).


I give parents and babies the gift of sensational sleep!


I have been helping families with their babies for 18 years. I work with you to find the best way for you to help your baby sleep. It is what I do best.


I’m all about supporting parents in whatever approach they want to take in raising their baby. I don’t believe that one size fits all. I don’t have rules and ‘musts’ and I don’t believe in judging. Think my approach as "bespoke" strategies to help your baby sleep and in turn you too. We find what fits with you. 


My baby sleep training strategies are all behaviour based. I’ll teach you to watch and understand your unique baby, not make your baby fit rules and ‘one size fits all’ schedules. You will feel confident when you understand what your baby is telling you. When you interpret your baby's behaviours more accurately it is no longer a guessing game to give your baby what he or she needs.


Why do I do this?

I have always been in tune with babies even as a child. I watched my mother and aunts struggle with young children when it was not ok to ask for help. It was certainly not the done thing to ask any professional. As an adult I watched my friends and colleagues struggle with exactly the same things.


I knew I needed to make a difference.


We have all been that misunderstood child.  There is a misunderstood child still within many of us. If I can help one family understand their baby better, be more patient, feel better about themselves and more confident about their parenting choices then I have done my job - one family at a time.


Oh and I love eating, camping, anything to do with water, reading, and aiming for decadence in every area of my life!


Stop struggling. Call me now for a free 15 minute chat about you, your baby and how I can help 1800 880 993 or fill in the request form on my contact page.

I’m looking forward to helping you sleep better, feel better and have a happy baby! 

1800 880 993

Redland Bay, Brisbane, QLD Australia